Dr Ritthy Sovann

Principal doctor, Riverton Medical Centre
Dr Ritthy Sovann

Dr Ritthy Sovann


  • Dr Ritthy Sovann Dr Sovann is the principal doctor in Riverton Medical Centre.
  • He was trained and qualified at UWA.
  • He has interests in all aspects of General Practice, Skin Cancer, Minor Surgeries, Aviation Medicine, Wound healing and Travel Medicine.
  • He is a qualified a DAME (Designated Aviation Medicine Examiner).

Dr Sovann’s main interest is in Wound Healing & has rights to distribute the Wetling W200 WMCS wound healing device in Australia and New Zealand.
Wound healing in the past has been left to the action of the human body, which is a wonderfully designed biological healing entity, capable of self-healing in various arrays of environmental insults. Whether it is friction rub to third degree burn; paper cuts to bullet wounds; “love bites” to pressure sores; cold sores to diabetic ulcers, the healing process would majority of the time restore the body back to some form of functional capability provided the insult is not severe enough to cause death.
What happens when this normal healing process arrests? What we get is chronic wounds, when a wound has failed to heal for more than 3 months.
In the last 20 to 30 years, much researches have gone into the biology, physiology, immunology, and biochemistry of wound healing. Various treatment modalities have been invented to reproduce the normal healing process. These treatment modalities include Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment (HBOT), Negative Pressure Wound Treatment (NPWT) and now we have Wireless Microcurrent Stimulation (WMCS), the latest innovation for burns and chronic wound treatment, which produces results in most cases exceeds what is expected in conventional wound healing.


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